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Companies in every sector of the economy and throughout the world face increasing pressures to address various policy changes, especially in terms of  liberalisation.  Regulatory programs are emerging and evolving at the national, regional, and international levels. Shareholders, local governments, key stakeholders, and the general public are demanding and, in many cases, taking action. In […]

Supporting you in the elaboration and roll-out of your Public Affairs Strategy in Brussels and at national level As a preliminary remark, N² wants to stress that, if it believes it can run a Government Relations Strategy or handle your Public Affairs needs in Brussels, we do not necessarily pretend that we can do it […]

A Business Understanding & Approach of Liberalised Markets More and more sectors in all geographies are shaped by regulation, with varying results depending on the maturity of the liberalisation process and on the approach taken by policy makers and regulators. N² has a global track record of providing policy and regulatory advice in telecommunications, an […]

In addition to our lobbying practice, we also specialise in providing services to associations in the telecoms and internet sectors. Our services include: Providing outsourced management and secretariat services to industry associations; Advising not-for-profit bodies on their establishment and ongoing governance issues.   Examples of our work with cross-industry bodies include: Running of the Voice […]