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A Business Understanding & Approach of Liberalised Markets

More and more sectors in all geographies are shaped by regulation, with varying results depending on the maturity of the liberalisation process and on the approach taken by policy makers and regulators.

N² has a global track record of providing policy and regulatory advice in telecommunications, an experience it is now also using to advise in other sectors (energy, post, transport, etc.).

Areas of Expertise

Our advice covers:

  • all regulatory aspects related to liberalisation, regardless of the sector: universal service obligations, licensing conditions in an opened market, competition issues, etc.
  • Internet governance, Internet content regulation (advertising, DRMs and copyright, eMoney, etc.) and network neutrality issues
  • Telecoms policy and regulatory frameworks, including regulation of access and interconnection, number portability and carrier selection, VoIP, next generation networks and access…

Our Support to you:

We assist you to understand the impact of regulatory issues and the effect these have on your strategies and revenues.

We advise you, either in a back office role or a front office capacity or even as an outsourced function.