Caroline De Cock has written a book about EU lobbying, contributed to several Internet law books, taught on the subject at various business schools and Universities and intervened as a speaker in international fora.

Books Survival Guide to EU Lobbying, Including the Use of Social Media

by Caroline De Cock, Eburon, 2010

(author) sets out how to lobby the EU from the perspective of an actual lobbyist sharing her experience (both good and bad). It also looks at the social media tools that must be taken into consideration when campaigning and details examples of worst and best practices.

The New Virtual Money: Law and Practice

by Olivier Hance and Suzan Dionne-Balz, Kluwer, 1999


Caroline continued her collaboration with Olivier Hance with this book, which attempted to analyze the appropriateness of the relevant existing legal instruments that regulated internet payment systems, including the rapidly increasing use of `electronic cash’ – on smart cards or in the form of dematerialized electronic tokens.

Business and Law on the Internet

by Olivier Hance, McGraw-Hill, 1996


Caroline discovered Internet law by working as a researcher and collaborator to this book, the first European one-stop guide to doing business on the Internet within the context of North American and European laws.

Courses and Speaking Interventions


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