Case studies

Since its foundation on 1 January 2007, N² has attracted a diverse client base within its area of expertise.

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N² assisted an international telecoms service provider in its fight to ensure that it had access to better wholesale products from network operators, in order to offer more attractive tariffs to end users. This support included the lobbying of an inter-service consultation within the European Commission (at cabinet and Commissioner levels) and the lobbying of […]

N² acted for this project as the European outsourced Regulatory department for an international satellite operator interested in the first pan-European spectrum selection process, which will lead to an assignment of spectrum by the European institutions to industry players valid for all 27 Member States. N² represented the operators’ interests in discussing with the various […]

N² has had the privilege of working with a recently set up regulatory authority in the Middle East, drafting their Interconnection Dispute Resolution Procedure. Due to the high standards set by the client, N² did not only focus on the existing best practices in the telecoms world, but analysed which Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms from […]

N² led the strategic review of a European Industry Association representing nearly 100 companies across Europe. The project was executed in coordination with the association’s staff and was aimed at  analysing the revenues and resources available to the association and re-thinking them in order to create a more objective, transparent and future-proof organisation. N² conducted […]